Families turn to pediatricians for back-to-school questions

Families turn to pediatricians for back-to-school questions

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Usually around this time of year, parents are occupied with making sure their child has everything they need on the supply list. Unfortunately this year, families are facing bigger concerns, such as making the decision on whether or not to send their child back to school.

School districts across the Tri-State are getting questions from parents, teachers and even students about what to expect this fall. A lot of parents are also turning to their family doctor for questions when deciding if they are going to send their child back.

“One thing that makes it difficult for both the parents and for the school system, is that it’s a moving target,” says Dr. Rob Tagher with Pediatrics of Florence. “We have new information coming out every day that may affect our decision. Ultimately, I think it comes back to the school providing the safest environment that they can and the families trying to address their own risks.”

Tagher has been a pediatrician for 21 years in Northern Kentucky.

His office has been receiving quite a few phone calls recently from concerned parents, who have had questions about whether or now they should send their child back to school.

Reopening plans have varied amongst school districts. Several have opted for the hybrid model, a blend of traditional instruction and at-home learning.

Others are choosing online learning for the first semester or non-traditional instruction, meaning students would start the school year online, then return to in-person learning when safe to do so.

Tagher says each family should address their individual needs and consider any and all risk factors when making decisions about this upcoming school year.

“Those risk factors are different for every family and every child. Ultimately we would love to have every child physically sitting back in the school building and a school desk, but we know that’s not possible,” he said.

If you do plan on sending your child back to school, Tagher suggests addressing the noticeable changes your child will encounter to help prepare them.

“I do think having a talk with your child to prepare them for what to expect is a good idea. Letting them know that things won’t be the same and playing out some scenarios of what things will be like in school would be beneficial,” he said.

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