Investigation underway after Hamilton woman says 2 boys attacked her cat

Dog wardens investigating after woman says cat was attacked on camera
Published: Jul. 29, 2020 at 11:07 PM EDT
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BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - An animal abuse investigation is underway in Butler County after a Hamilton woman reported two boys had attacked her cat — and it was caught on camera.

Tracey Money lives in Hamilton and is a self-proclaimed animal lover. She has five felines and she loves them all dearly.

“I am the crazy-cat lady,” Money said. “They all have their own personality, and I wouldn’t trade them for nothing.”

Money says one of her cats, Gigi, is friendly and loving and likes to relax outside on the front lawn.

Around 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, Money said Gigi was outside in her usual spot when two boys approached the cat and harmed her. Money says her security cameras captured video of the incident.

“It was totally unprovoked and unnecessary and harmful and sickening to watch,” Money said. “I just, when the video, when I watched it play back, my stomach hurt, and I cried.”

In the footage, Money says a boy is seen walking onto her property, approaching Gigi and then hitting the cat in the head. Then, according to Money, another boy who is standing nearby releases dogs from their leashes to allow them to chase Gigi.

“It looks like he leans over her, and then he just punches her, and when he punches her, she leaves the porch, and he takes off running, and then that’s when the other person involved released the dogs to chase her," Money said.

Money says Gigi was not seriously hurt but does seem to be scared.

“She’s doing good, I mean as far as injury-wise, there’s nothing serious,” Money said. “She’s just a little skittish, which is understandable because she took a pretty good punch.”

Money reported what happened to the Butler County Dog Wardens. On Wednesday, the wardens said they had identified the two people who were involved.

“I just want to thank the Butler County Dog Wardens,” Money said. “They’re amazing, and I appreciate all the help they’ve given me in trying to find justice for Gigi.”

Now, Money says her biggest hope is that the pair will learn a lesson.

“They’re gonna have to take responsibility for what they’ve done to her, which they need to,” Money said. “It needs to be known that it’s not tolerated to hurt an animal.”

The two boys are believed to be juveniles. It is not clear if they will be facing charges.

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