Indiana family receives suspicious package addressed from China

Family receives suspicious package filled with masks

SWITZERLAND COUNTY, Ind. (FOX19) - A suspicious package appearing to be from China arrived at a home in Vevay, Indiana Wednesday morning.

The package reads ’China Post’ in the top left corner.

At first, Christina Mill-Rininger and her family didn’t know if it was real or a hoax.

“I asked everybody if they had ordered anything, and everybody in the house said ‘no,‘” she said.

But the package was addressed to someone in the family, so they opened it.

“When I first opened it, I seen a ziplock baggie, and that’s what I was scared of, that it could have been them seeds,” Mill-Rininger explained.

She refers to the country-wide plight of people receiving similarly mysterious, similarly unsolicited packages filled with seeds.

A CNN report finds all 50 states have now issued warnings about those packages.

As for the one left in Mill-Rininger’s mailbox, it didn’t contain seeds, it contained masks. That, despite the outside saying ‘Shirt.’

“That’s when it set off bells to call the sheriff’s department,” Mill-Rininger said.

The Vevay Police Department and the Switzerland County Health Department say they’ve opened up investigations in the package to determine if the masks carried any dangerous substances. The masks are now in police custody.

Prior to that, the family says they kept it in the trash bin.

“I kinda got nervous,” Mill-Rininger said, “because right now, with everything going on, you don’t know, like, if it could have a chemical on there.”

The family says the next time they open up their mailbox, they’ll think twice because of the suspicious package.

“It’s going to make me more cautious,” Mill-Rininger said.

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