Family remembers Tri-State man as murder indictment issued on eve of funeral

Family of murder victim speaks out following indictment of suspect

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The family of Ivan Hughes will be laying him to rest on Friday. Meanwhile, his accused killer, Terrell Owens is sitting in the Hamilton County Justice Center on a $1 million bond.

The Hughes family is making final preparations for the funeral, which promises to be that much more difficult considering pandemic restrictions mean they won’t all be able to attend.

Meanwhile, Hughes’s daughter, sister and mother are remembering the man as “loving, caring, very supportive.”

“He was like my best friend,” daughter Stacye Smith said.

Hughes’s mother, Renee Hughes says she’ll remember him as “always smiling."

“He would lean his head to the side and smile,” she said. “He loved everybody. He had a big heart.”

“We just had good times together. In the 51 years we had together, I enjoyed every bit of it,” sister Mischelle Hughes added.

The family was not expecting the indictment of his accused killer, Terrell Owens, 47, just one day before Ivan’s funeral.

“It was kind of shocking, but exciting at the same time, because it gave me a little relief, like, ‘Okay, the court system is moving a little faster than we thought,‘” Smith said.

Hughes’s family has questions for Owens.

“What was going through your mind at that time? Had he done anything to you that bad that it would make you wan’t to take his life?” Renee posed.

The indictment says Owens is accused of committing aggravated burglary inside of Hughes’s apartment building, where he’s also accused of shooting and killing Hughes.

Indictment or not, Hughes’s death is something his family is still coming to terms with. They’re taking it “one day at a time,” Mischelle said.

While they do that, they say they’re focusing on the good times: “The closeness, the love and the family, and how much he would want us to be together,” Renee added.

Asked if he has a message for the community, Hughes’s step father, Frank Rusell replied: “Put the guns down.”

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