Amelia car show raises money for family of Cincinnati firefighter

Amelia car show raises money for family of Cincinnati firefighter

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A fallen Cincinnati firefighter was honored Saturday as hundreds of cars rolled out in his honor and to help his family.

Daryl Gordon died five years ago trying to rescue people from a burning apartment building in Madisonville.

In the years following Gordon’s death, Carl Whalen organized car shows to honor the men and woman who have died in the line of duty while helping families.

This year, Whalen chose the Gordon family to be the focus of their help.

Saturday’s show in Amelia raised more than $2,000 for the fallen firefighter’s family.

“This is Operation Never Forget, which is our car show and we title it The Back the Heroes Car Show and then we have Operation Open Arms, which is a community initiative where we fund and help underfunded local police and fire departments with safety equipment or things that help them do their job and make it home safe to their families,” Whalen explained.

The event has been happening for two years and has grown immensely, Whalen says.

“We started off with only having a few hundred followers and our first car show last year we had 167 vehicles,” Whalen said. “Most car shows in their first year may only have 40, 50, 60 cars and they call that a good show.”

Whalen says it is not just the Greater Cincinnati area reserved for this year’s car show. He says support came from all over the country this year.

“We’ve got people coming up from Tennessee for our show, we got someone who drove four-hours from Sandusky in a Humber Super to come out to the show,” said Whalen. “These people really love their heroes and they’re showing it today and we really appreciate their support.”

Not only did Gordon’s family receive a $2,081 check they were also presented with a commemorative plaque in memory of their loved one.

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