Mason City Schools making adjustments to improve student safety

Mason City Schools new additions to help with social distancing

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Mason City Schools are making some adjustments outside the classroom to keep kids safe during their return to school.

School buses will be sanitized regularly and students will be required to wear masks on the bus

School officials will use a bus seating chart with boarding schedules as well, both to minimize contact and allow for easy contact tracing should a case arise.

Additionally, plexiglass dividers are installed at tables in the school cafeterias.

“We have students coming in in very small groups to do an orientation to learn what that will look like,” District Superintendent Jonathan Cooper said referencing the changes in store. “So, it’s spending a lot of time up front to invest in how to do this and how to do this well together so that when we do come back to school we have confidence in what that looks like.”

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