Nearly a dozen dogs rescued from ‘infested’ Brown Co. home

Brown County Humane Society rescues several dogs in Georgetown

BROWN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Charges are pending against the owner of nearly a dozen dogs found neglected at a Hamersville, Ohio home in mid-July, according to the Brown County Humane Society.

Humane Society Agent Ashley Perry received a call July 14 to assist the Brown County Sheriff’s Department at the home on Love Road following reports of undernourished and neglected dogs.

Eight dogs were found inside and outside the home in various states of neglect, the society says.

The dogs outside the home were found tied up with no water in 90-degree heat. They were “extremely underweight with hip bones and spines showing prominently,” according to a humane society Facebook post.

A search warrant was granted July 20. Two days later, humane society agents and sheriff’s office deputies found two other emaciated dogs in a pen overgrown with weeds, bringing the total number of dogs to 10.

“The dogs inside the house were all in various stages of neglect with parasite infestations, hair loss, and other health issues. All the dogs were living among their own feces in piles and piles of garbage. The home was infested with roaches and flies. The odor of the homemade breathing difficult for our humane agents,” the Facebook post reads.

“You never get used to it but you have to get in there and get the job done,” Perry said. “The dogs needed us.”

The 10 dogs were taken to the shelter after the owner agreed to give them up. Subsequently, they were seen by a vet.

“We were lucky to get them out of there when we did,” Perry said. “Nothing deserves to live in those kinds of conditions.”

The dogs are now resting comfortably at the shelter, the society reports.

“They seem to enjoy the medicated baths, wholesome food and attention,” BCHS Kennel Technician Rebecca Riley said. “They have been really good about taking their medicine. It’s like they know we are trying to help them get better.

“They are starting to perk up a bit, seek attention and are more aware of their surroundings it is very gratifying to see.”

A probable cause hearing for the owner was held Thursday in Brown County Municipal Court.

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