NKY candy shop in danger of closing, owners make plea for support

Local candy shop is in need of more business

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Ky. (FOX19) - A Dayton, Ky. candy shop is crying out for help after watching business spiral downhill due to COVID-19.

If they don’t bring in enough revenue over the next month, Hickory Dickory Dock Retro Candy Shop $ Mor’s owners say they might have to close its doors.

Owner Felicia Hopple says there’s not been a dull moment in the shop’s five-year lifespan.

“We’ve always had characters in this store, like, from your Grinch, to Santa, to the bunny rabbit for Easter,” Hopple said. “We’ve had Alice in Wonderland for our winter carnival.”

Then the pandemic hit in March, shelving the shop’s yearly winter carnival and pinching its money flow to a trickle.

“Things dropped big time for us,” Hopple’s husband, Greg Wilcher explained.

The shop started selling ice cream along with their candy selection in June. It isn’t enough. Now it finds itself on its last leg.

“We don’t really want to close,” Hopple said. “It’s hard. It’s still hard. We do push ourselves out there quite a bit.”

The couple describe the emotional rollercoaster of the last several months.

“It’s hard to... it’s hard to take care of a family without the support from the community,” Wilcher said. “As bad as July was for us, especially if we have another month like that, we won’t have a choice. We’ll be closing the doors before the end of the month.”

Some customers say they will do anything they can to help out.

“I mean, Graeter’s, UDF, yeah, they’ve all got good ice cream. I love Graeter’s. But they’re chains,” said Katherine Crawford. “They’ve got a lot more money than these mom-and-pop stores who are independently owned, struggling to pay their bills.”

“It’s really important to come out and support anybody who’s working, especially small businesses, because a small business is not sending money to a corporate office,” added Rebecca Kosko. “It’s putting food on the table. It’s putting a roof over their head.”

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