DeWine awaits result of second COVID test, describes possible symptom

Gov. DeWine updates COVID-19 in Ohio hours after testing positive for virus

GREENE COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine awaits the results of a second COVID-19 test after testing positive Thursday afternoon for the virus prior to a scheduled meeting with President Trump in Cleveland.

Speaking from his Cedarville, Ohio home, where he is beginning a 14-day quarantine, DeWine said he does not expect the second test to return a different result, but added test results from those inside his “bubble” could shed light on how and where he contracted the virus.

For now, the governor said he does not know where he got it. He explained he has worked remotely out of his Cedarville home since March, only travels to Columbus for his bi-weekly media appearances and is “very careful” about whom he sees.

“Frankly, we just can’t figure it out,” he said.

DeWine’s bubble comprises several employees, including the cameraman that films his remote and Columbus-based appearances, as well as highway patrolmen who act as his drivers and the governor’s wife, Fran DeWine.

He said he has also had some contact with his daughters and grandchildren, who live in Cedarville down the road from his farm.

Everyone in that bubble was tested Thursday following the governor’s positive test. But whereas that positive test was a rapid test, the others are standard tests, meaning results will not be back until Thursday night or possibly Friday.

DeWine said the rapid test taken Thursday afternoon and the standard test taken afterwards are his third and fourth COVID-19 tests since the start of pandemic. He said he is not tested regularly because he has never showed symptoms.

The rapid test was administered at a public testing location, DeWine said. It was arranged by the White House. He said he doesn’t know any more than that.

Previously Thursday the governor said he was asymptomatic. Thursday evening he added: “I do have a headache, but I get a lot of headaches throughout my life, so a headache is not anything that unusual. So, besides that, I feel well.”

DeWine said he has asthma but no other underlying health conditions.

He fielded several questions about the message his positive test sends Ohioans considering his advocacy for, and constant use of, masks.

“We know you are always simply dealing with improving your odds,” he said. “And when you wear a mask, you are improving your odds dramatically, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get it.

“(...) The lesson that should come is we’re all human. This virus is everywhere. And yes, you can contract it even when you’re very, very careful and even when you’re wearing a mask, but your odds are just better.

“(...) We know it improves your odds. It decreases the chances you get it. But there’s nothing certain in life.”

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