Video catches Hamilton thief make away with man’s car in under a minute

Video catches Hamilton car thief in the act

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Recent surveillance video caught a person drive off with a Hamilton man’s car after the man ducked back inside his house to grab his lunch.

Duane Proctor says he had just started up his car, a grey 2004 Pontiac, to leave for work when he remembered he’d forgotten his lunch inside his house. He left the car running.

“It was already ready to go in my lunch box,” Proctor told FOX19 NOW. “I just, shoot, forgot my lunch.”

Proctor’s wife, Melissa Proctor remembers how long he was inside the house: “It was less than a minute.”

In that time the suspect walked across the street, hopped in the front seat and drove off.

Duane says he was “devastated” when he saw his car was gone.

He says his mother, Carol, left him the car when she passed away in May.

“Lot of memories. Lot of sentimental value,” he said.

Asked if he remembers driving around with his mother in the car, Proctor replied, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, all the time.”

He says the car has a black seat cover, steering wheel covers and decorative eagles.

The Proctors are just asking whoever took the car to either return it or leave it somewhere and tell them where they can pick it up.

“We wouldn’t press charges if we got the car back in one piece and let the police do their job with it on that, but we wouldn’t pursue it if we got the car back,” Melissa said.

The Proctors also say, no matter if they get their car back or not, they won’t be making quick trips inside without turning off and locking their car from now on.

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