NKU students to begin returning to campus

NKU students to begin returning to campus

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. (FOX19) - The move-in process for NKU students in the fall semester starts Monday, Aug. 10. Staggered move-in days will continue through Aug. 16. 

NKU Director David Berland told FOX19 NOW that NKU has limited the number of arrivals to no more than 30 families dividing into clusters.

One cluster is Booth Residential Village, the other one is East Campus Village, Callahan Hall. 

NKU has limited the number to no more than 20 arrivals per hour in Booth Village and no more than 10 per hour in the east village with just over 1,000 set to live on-campus this fall. 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Berland stresses the following: 

“We want students to wear their masks at all times even when they’re walking around the hall.  They don’t need to wear them in their residential rooms but certainly even when heading to other areas of the hall, they need to wear their mask.   We’ve also limited visitation this year which is somewhat of an unpopular decision, but we’re doing it for the health and safety of our students to make sure the virus doesn’t spread if it does end up coming on campus.”

Berland adds that NKU will be open nine hours per day during the move-in process helping students get their keys.  Exceptions will be made for international students who may be arriving in the middle of the night. 

Only two adult helpers per student is one of the protocols in place to allow for social distancing.  

NKU classes begin Aug. 17.

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