Husband, wife killed in fatal Newport crash identified by officials

Husband, wife killed in fatal Newport crash identified by officials

NEWPORT, Ky. (FOX19) - A community is in mourning after a husband and wife were killed last week when a car being chased by police crashed into an outdoor eating area at a restaurant.

Gayle and Ray Laible were identified as the victims killed on Friday after a police chase ended in a crash near Fifth and Monmouth Street in Newport, according to police.

“Gayle and I were friends since school days. It’s been a long time. A lot of memories a lot of fun. I’m going to miss her. This was a terrible, terrible thing to happen,” said Janice Harden, a close friend of Gayle.

The news turned into a nightmare for many when they heard the couple was killed.

“Please tell me that’s not true, please,” explained another friend of Gayle’s, Kristin White. “Your hearts breaking and you’re knocking on the door hoping they answer, and they didn’t and it’s just tragic. . . it is the worst feeling ever.”

While friends try their best to remain strong, they remember the good times they had with their favorite couple.

A regular spot for the two lovebirds was Sis’s on Monmouth.

The owner says Gayle knew everyone inside and if she didn’t someone, she made sure to change that.

“They came here to listen to music, eat, dance socialize. They came after church all the time. She knew everybody that came in here and if she didn’t, she made sure that she got to,” said Sandy Schweitzer, owner of Sis’s on Monmouth.

The couple was also known to cut a rug on occasion, friends recall.

“Oh, they had some dance moves that’s for sure they liked to dance, they liked to sing,” said White. “Gayle would sit right in front of the band and sing with them.”

“Ray was just a wonderfully gentleman, strong, loving,” described Pastor William Cleves of Holy Spirit Parish. “They were in many ways what one would call the ideal couple.”

Those closest to them say there is only one word to describe them.

“Genuine is the main word I can think of when I think of them. Genuine, beautiful people,” said White.

“I think in times like this we need to be together. It’s very important that we be in deep communion with each other especially in times like this,” said Pastor Cleves.

As of Monday, two of the three suspects involved in the chase that led to Gayle’s and Ray’s deaths have been identified.

Police say the driver, Mason Meyer, 28, is currently being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center on an outstanding warrant.

Kirsten Johnson, 22, was one of the passengers, according to Campbell County Clerk of Court, and is held Monday in lieu of a $1 million bond at the county jail.

The third occupant has not been charged at this time.

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