Gov. Beshear recommends delayed start of in-person class; bars, restaurants given new orders

Gov. Beshear gives update on Kentucky's COVID-19 response

FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX19) - Gov. Andy Beshear delivered several updates on Monday impacting schools, bars and restaurants.

Schools, both public and private, are being recommended to delay the start of in-person classes until September 28, Gov. Beshear explained.

The governor cited four reasons for why he is making this recommendation to schools:

  • Increase in new cases by day
  • An increasing number of kids being infected with COVID-19
  • School reopening experiences in other states
  • Families returning from vacations in hotspots

“I think what all of the health care specialists said when we talked about reopening, is we need to be looking at a decline. In other words, we need to get our positive rate down,” the governor said. “On top of that, what we’re seeing are more outbreaks and more infections in kids. The two hardest things I do every day is read the deaths and the number of kids infected under five. And it’s not just kids under five. We’re having record numbers of children that are infected, and it shows this infection spreads to them when we still don’t know the long-term impact. What we do know is children have a harder time social distancing. And we can’t put a whole bunch of them in a classroom with a teacher right now. Other states that have tried to open this new school year are now having to close. We don’t want to start and stop. That may be more difficult on our children.”

Gov. Beshear and his Chief of Staff and General Counsel La Tasha Buckner also announced a new order, which includes a curfew, for bars and restaurants in Kentucky.

Starting on Tuesday bars and restaurants can reopen at 50% capacity, but they must close by 11 p.m., per the governor’s order.

Food and drink services must stop by 10 p.m., the order states.

“Both bars and restaurants can operate at 50% of capacity, as long as people can remain six feet from anyone who is not in their household or group,” Buckner said.

All staff and customers must wear masks, according to Gov. Beshear’s order.

Additionally, people are not allowed to congregate at the bar, under this order.

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