Cincinnati yanks permit at The Banks related to music venue, halts construction on entrance road

Cincinnati yanks permit at The Banks related to music venue, halts construction on entrance road

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - In the latest development of a dispute between the city of Cincinnati and Hamilton County over control of new development at The Banks, the city has yanked one of the county’s construction permits related to a new music venue.

The city released records Monday showing they pulled the county’s permit for a public street, effectively halting work on it.

The street is planned to be the main entrance to the county’s new music venue, Andrew J. Brady Icon Music Center, a parking garage and public park.

Construction on the music venue is not halted with the loss of the permit, city records indicate.

The city has accused the county of making misrepresentations about ownership of the public park.

A recent city memo also contends the county is delaying the project, which has been two years in the making.

The memo reads in part: “As a result of the county’s delay, the music venue and adjacent park projects are facing delays and cost increases that may put the projects in jeopardy.”

Hamilton County Commissioner Victoria Parks recently told FOX19 NOW she met with Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley and came to certain agreements with him.

Parks affirmed the music venue is on track and there will be no delays.

“We feel like we are closer than what we’ve been in a long time,” Parks said last month.

We reached out to county officials Monday in light of the city pulling the permit.

“If the goal is to get the music venue and park open on time and on budget, then this action is entirely counterproductive,” County Administrator Jeff Alutto said in a prepared statement.

“On November 20, 2019 Council passed an ordinance turning over this sliver of land that has been used as a parking lot for the past 15 years to the county so that we could all save time and money and push the construction forward. I believe it was even passed as an emergency for that purpose.  It appears the City just revoked their own permit that they issued on June 1, 2020.”

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