9-year-old Tri-State girl expected to die from unknown condition

Single Middletown mother seeks support after dire prognosis
Updated: Aug. 12, 2020 at 3:34 PM EDT
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BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - A Middletown girl who tested positive for the coronavirus in May is now in a coma at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center— and all are preparing for the worst.

“She’s not opening her eyes,” Doranny Escolastico said Tuesday of her daughter, Dorielis. “She’s not talking. She’s on oxygen.”

Dorielis, 9, a fourth-grader at Wildwood Elementary, began walking strangely on May 10, according to Escolastico. The girl was taken to Children’s, where doctors administered a coronavirus test upon seeing Dorielis couldn’t move one side of her body.

The test came back positive.

Escolastico details the months-long treatment in a GoFundMe page she created.

It began with inflammation in Dorielis’s brain, which doctors first thought could be a tumor, then multiple sclerosis, then vasculitis. The treatment for vasculitis seemed briefly to work where the other treatments had failed, but an MRI revealed the inflammation continued to worsen.

“They decided to make calls to medical experts in different parts of the world to see if they had any similar cases as her,” Escolastico explained, “but could not find one.”

Dorielis soon lost the ability to walk, then to speak. She began having severe headaches and suffered an epileptic seizure on July 19. She was readmitted to the hospital, where doctors discovered the inflammation had led to bleeding in her brain.

Dorielis’s doctors say it’s possible the inflammation is related to the virus, but they aren’t sure. They told Escolastico there isn’t even a name for what’s happening for her daughter.

They are currently considering putting Dorielis on chemotherapy, thinking perhaps she’s suffering from some rare blood cancer, according to Escolastico, but it’s a shot in the dark — and perhaps too late anyways.

“The doctors are waiting at any moment for her to die,” Escolastico said.

Escolastico describes her daughter as happy and friendly child with a curious spirit. Her teachers at Wildwood Elementary agree.

“We have a little girl I’ve never seen get mad at anybody,” teacher Chris Rehmert said. “I’ve never seen her mistreat anyone.”

“She’s a very bright girl and she has a lot ahead of her that she would have done great things with,” teacher Taylor Williamson added.

Escolastico, a single mother of five children, Dorielis being the oldest, set up a GoFundMe page to help the family.

“I am not able to work and these funds would truly help us in being a able to pay bills, buy an at-home hospital bed, purchase diapers for my daughter, and be able to support my children through this difficult and uncertain time,” she said.

“As a parent, this is something you would never imagine.”

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