Judge: Eric Deters threatened to burn down courthouse, now banned from building

Attorney Eric Deters
Attorney Eric Deters
Updated: Aug. 11, 2020 at 5:09 PM EDT
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CINCINNATI (CINCINNATI ENQUIRER) - Retired lawyer Eric Deters has been banned from the Hamilton County Courthouse after a judge said he threatened to burn down the building.

Judge Charles Kubicki, the presiding and administrative judge for the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, signed an order Tuesday restricting Deters’ access to the courthouse according to our media partners at the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Kubicki pointed to a video, part of Deters’ “Bulldog Podcast,” in which the former lawyer rails against the judges handling the case of Dr. Abubakar Atiq Durrani, a former Cincinnati-area surgeon accused of widespread medical malpractice.

"Does it take violence and destruction of property to be heard in Hamilton County?" Deters says in the video.

Deters says he feels guilty that the patients have not yet received trials. He asks if he should “take up arms” and show up at judges’ homes because he has already done everything else.

Deters Law Office is representing clients in this case, but Deters himself is no longer practicing law in Ohio.

Deters was jailed last year in connection with his conduct in this case.

“My first priority is to protect the public and those who do business at the courthouse every day,” Kubicki said in a statement. “Given Mr. Deters’ history, I have no choice but to take these threats seriously... Now he has credibly threatened court employees, jurors and others with legitimate business here. This will not be tolerated.”

Kubicki said Deters also suggested that one day he might "loose it" and "burn down the damn courthouse."

The judge said he has referred the matter to law enforcement including the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and the FBI.

“Mr. Deters certainly has a First Amendment right to express his frustrations with the justice system, but he does not have a right to threaten lives and government property,” Kubicki said. “These threats are directed at the orderly administration of justice and designed to affect the outcome of specific cases.”

The Durrani case has been going on for about eight years. He is accused of performing hundreds of unnecessary and at time botched procedures. Hundreds of patients have sued, but the doctor has fled to Pakistan.

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