Tri-State man out hundreds of dollars after Carnival Cruises cancellation ‘glitch’

Computer 'glitch' cause of cruise line taking payments from customers

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A dispute with Carnival Cruise Lines over a payment has left one local man with hundreds of dollars in overdraft banking fees.

Tri-State plumber Ken Gannon says he was looking forward to his first ever cruise with friends this October. He says he was heading to the Bahamas and, after making a downpayment on the trip last year, had the money in his bank account last week to cover the remaining cost.

“If I were to cancel the cruise, I would have got a cancellation fee,” he explained, “so I had to wait for them to cancel the cruise.”

Gannon says Carnival contacted him one week ago to inform him his trip had been canceled due to the pandemic.

Now, Gannon thought, he had $1,300 in his bank account to pay some bills.

“I thought I had over $1,300 in there and was paying the bills because the cruise was cancelled, so I was just using that to, you know, catch up on a couple of things... and no, they took it,” he said.

Gannon says he now has more than $300 in overdraft fees. Meanwhile, the money for the cruise is “in limbo.”

“I mean, I can’t touch it. The bank can’t touch it. No one can touch it until Carnival’s let go, and Carnival is telling me it’s seven-to-ten business days before they will let this money go.”

The comment section on Carnival’s Facebook page lists several other customers who claim they’ve had similar experiences.

Gannon says he contacted Carnival and got a response.

“They cancelled the cruise but didn’t cancel the reservation at the same time, so their excuse is the computer still took the money out,” Gannon explained.

FOX19 NOW reached out to Carnival and got a response.

“We emailed Mr. Gannon on Aug. 7 advising that the sailing was cancelled,” the company wrote. “But the system inadvertently deducted another payment from him on Aug. 10. This payment has been refunded and is in the process of being sent back to him.

“We are very sorry for the error, and our reservation team is investigating this matter. We will have a member of our reservations team reach out to Mr. Gannon to see if he has any questions or issues.”

The company says it has issued more than a million refunds overall since they stopped sailing on March 13 due to the pandemic

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