VIDEO: Colerain Township officer recounts officer-involved shooting at Shell gas station

Body cam from officer involved in shooting shows man crying out in pain

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Police Department released body cam footage Thursday showing the immediate aftermath of an officer-involved shooting at a Shell gas station earlier this week.

The shooting happened Tuesday around 3 p.m. in the gas station parking lot at 2455 Compton Road in Colerain Township.

Andre Thomas, 27, was shot in the back during a struggle with CPD Officer John Brown, CPD Chief Eliot Isaac said Wednesday.

The full seven-minute body cam footage from a Colerain Township police officer begins with plain-clothes officers and an apparent civilian caring for Thomas as he writhes in agony on the ground of the gas station. FOX19 NOW has edited out that portion of the footage due to its graphic content.

Police body cam footage from officer-involved shooting in Colerain Township

The relevant portion of the footage included above picks up with the Colerain Township police officer’s explanation to an apparent superior of what happened.

Asked if he was the one who shot Thomas, the officer replies: “No.”

Asked what happened, the officer says:

“They asked for us to pull somebody over for a traffic stop for trafficking. They were coming northbound on Pippin from Banning. We were busting our ass to get here and to try to help.

“They said he pulled in here. He was out of the car, and then they said he was trying to get back in the car, so I came in behind them. They swooped in here first.

“When I got there, he started bailing towards me, so I stood there, and he turned back away from me, and they all start trying to grab him. One of them tased him. They hit him and tased him, and then I heard a pop, and it definitely wasn’t me. I didn’t shoot him. They shot him and tased him.”

The officer’s account is consistent with Isaac’s statement Wednesday.

Leading up to the shooting, Isaac said Thomas was seen by District 5 officers making several hand-to-hand drug transactions.

Officers in civilian clothes followed Thomas into Colerain Township. Thomas then pulled into the Shell gas station.

Isaac said Colerain Township police officers and CPD officers boxed-in Thomas’s vehicle in the parking lot so he couldn’t drive away. As the officers approached the vehicle, Thomas, who was unarmed, exited and tried to run but was grabbed by an officer. A struggle ensued.

Isaac said a taser was discharged and the officer’s gun was fired almost simultaneously.

Based on witness and officers’ statements, the chief said they concluded this was an “unintentional discharge.” He added this was “not an appropriate use of force.”

Thomas was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and is in stable condition, according to Isaac.

He is facing resisting arrest and felony drug possession charges.

Because the CPD officers were in plainclothes and not in uniform they were not wearing body cameras, Isaac said.

Per CPD protocol, the Cincinnati police officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. The Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office will also review the incident, as will the Citizen Complaint Authority.

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