Proposal aims to dissolve Village of Cleves Police Department

Village of Cleves considering dissolving police department

CLEVES, Ohio (FOX19) - The Village of Cleves is considering dissolving its police department and contracting with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office instead.

The sheriff’s office currently performs the same role for Cleves’s contiguous neighbors, the Village of North Bend, Miami Township and Whitewater Township.

The proposed change would solve three problems for the village, according to city officials: unsustainable increases in police budgets, problems recruiting after officer resignations and the inability to keep a police chief.

A document on the village’s website states two-thirds of the village’s $1 million budget is consumed by police funding. It also says the village would have to impose a substantial tax increase to keep the police department.

But not everyone agrees with the proposal.

A concerned citizen with whom FOX19 NOW spoke preferred to remain anonymous.

“I think we are trying to get rid of the backbone of our community,” he said. “They keep us safe.”

The man says he made a petition to keep the Cleves Police Department in town.

“I’m not knocking Hamilton County. They do a great job, but we have them here,” the man said referencing mutual aid currently provided by the sheriff’s office to the village. “Why get rid of it?”

FOX19 NOW reached out to the Village of Cleves about the change and they referred us back to the document on the village’s website.

That document states contracting with the sheriff’s office is a cheaper option due to economies of scale -- that is, resources upon which the sheriff’s office can draw that are incrementally less costly due to the size of the department.

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