Are Music on the River’s crowds cause for concern? One resident thinks so

Music on the River crowd size concerning some

DEARBORN COUNTY, In. (FOX19) - Concerns are mounting about the possible spread of COVID-19 at music concerts in Lawrenceburg, In.

Music on the River is a summer mainstay in southeast Indiana. Every Year the City of Lawrenceburg hosts the live music concert, and that includes 2020.

Now some local residents are worried about the event, saying the crowds are large and social distancing isn’t followed.

Mayor Kelly Mollaun says people who don’t want to attend in person over fears of COVID-19 can still tune in from home. She also says the city is encouraging attendees to follow social distancing protocols and, if unable to do so, to wear a mask.

But a concerned community member, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells FOX19 NOW the crowd is over 1,000-strong, many of whom are not social distancing or wearing masks.

“You can’t force them to do this stuff. All we can do is encourage them to do that,” Mollaun countered, adding a lot of what the concerned person might be seeing are families sitting together.

“We’ve had everything approved by our health department. We’re just trying to abide by the rules, but also have events if we can.”

Mollaun explains the event is scaled back from previous years. There’s no beer garden or concession stands, for example.

Others around town say it’s not a big deal.

“It think it’s your own choice what you feel best for your family,” one woman said. She hasn’t attended this year, but her parents have taken her kids without issue.

Mollaun says the concerts will continue until they’re forced to stop.

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