‘Beyond offensive:’ LGBTQ community reacts to Brennaman’s on-air slur

‘Beyond offensive:’ LGBTQ community reacts to Brennaman’s on-air slur
LGBTQ Community Reacts to Anti-Gay Slur Said on Air (Source: Morgan Parrish)

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Thom Brennaman’s use of an anti-gay slur Wednesday is drawing a lot of criticism across the city.

“You know there’s an old Oprah episode where someone used the ‘N’ word, and they said, ‘Well I don’t normally talk like that,’ and her response was, ‘Well that word seemed pretty comfortable in your mouth.‘ Last night, that word seemed very comfortable in his mouth,” said Bruce Preston.

Disbelief and disappointment are the common feelings throughout the LGBTQ community.

“I grew up having that word flung at me along with rocks, and I can tell you, that the word hurt more,” said Jonathan Michael.

“In this day and age, for people not to be conscious of what comes out of their mouth when they have a national platform... it is beyond offensive,” added Preston.

“I thought better of Cincinnati and our broadcasters, because I’m a broadcaster,” Chris Fortin, host of OutCincinnati, said. “And I would’ve been way out the door if that happened. Every camera’s on, every microphone is on.”

Brennaman issued an apology on air saying he is deeply ashamed of what he said. It’s an apology some community members aren’t buying.

“I feel like he’s only sorry he got caught, because obviously he’s an adult. He knows what he said. He knows the meaning behind it,” said Erin Smith.

“His apology doesn’t seem like there has any value to it,” said Preston.

Others had a different opinion. Some told FOX19 NOW they don’t think he should be fired but instead could use this time to learn more about anti-gay slurs.

“I think there’s time for education and not just 100 percent condemning the person. The guy’s already going through it, so maybe send him a few links about the history of the word, what the different words in our community mean,” said Fortin.

“I don’t really think he’s a horrible person, I just think he’s ignorant and uninformed,” said Smith.

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