Mother of Middletown girl taken by mysterious illness describes her as child of faith

9-year-old girl diagnosed with COVID-19 dies from unknown condition

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Dorielis Escolastico, a 9-year-old fourth-grader at Wildwood Elementary in Middletown, passed away Wednesday afternoon from an unknown illness after testing positive for COVID-19 in May.

Her mother, Doranny Escolastico, says Dorielis’s oxygen levels began to fluctuate Tuesday. “Then from one moment to another her levels dropped, and she didn’t come back from that.”

Her mother, Doranny Escolastico, describes Dorielis as a child filled with faith.

“To have a child who loved Jesus... she was always talking about the Lord. She would say she adored him. She was always singing, always cheerful and always looking for a way to reach God.

“Every time she would look up at the sky, she would say, ‘One day I am going to be with Him, I know I’m going to be with Him, He’s listening to me.”

Escolastico says she’s at peace because she knows her daughter is no longer in pain.

“She was suffering a lot in that bed. Sh would get a lot of headaches, and when she would get them, she would tremble, stuff up and fall. She would tremble from the pain, and seeing that as a mother would break my heart,” she explained.

Doctors still don’t know what caused Dorielis’s death.

“We know it was a brain inflammation,” Escolastico said, “but in the biopsy they did on her, nothing would show up. (...) They tell me they didn’t have time to study her because it all happened so quickly. In three months the disease took her life.”

Escolastico previously told FOX19 NOW Dorielis began walking strangely on May 10. The girl was taken to Cincinnati Children’s, where doctors administered a coronavirus test upon seeing Dorielis couldn’t move one side of her body.

The test came back positive.

Dorielis’s had brain inflammation, which doctors first thought could be a tumor, then multiple sclerosis, then vasculitis. The treatment for vasculitis seemed briefly to work where the other treatments had failed, but an MRI revealed the inflammation continued to worsen.

“They decided to make calls to medical experts in different parts of the world to see if they had any similar cases as her,” Escolastico explained, “but could not find one.”

Dorielis soon lost the ability to walk, then to speak. She began having severe headaches and suffered an epileptic seizure on July 19. She was readmitted to the hospital, where doctors discovered the inflammation had led to bleeding in her brain.

Dorielis’s doctors say it’s possible the inflammation was related to the virus, but they weren’t sure. They told Escolastico there wasn’t even a name for what was happening.

Middletown Health Commissioner Jackie Phillips explained Thursday they do not have an official cause of death for Dorielis, but at this time she is considered a COVID-19-related fatality.

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