Cincinnati Public Library of Hamilton County launches new program to help CPS kids with remote learning

Public library helping CPS kids transition to remote learning

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The Cincinnati Public Library of Hamilton County is stepping in to lend a helping hand to students by providing a remote learning option amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through a program called "Homework Help," families and students will get the help they need from library staff members to transition to remote learning.

"What we're looking to do is help families, kids, and students to transition from the way we that we would have in-person learning to this new remote world, and that starts with making sure they can connect to their device and whatever platform their school may be using," said Library Director Paula Brehm-Heeger.

Starting Monday, students will be able to come to the library for two-hour time slots starting from 10 a.m. until the library closes at 6 p.m.

Library staff members who specialize in technology will be available to help support families.

"Many [families] of whom may not have a lot of experience or might have a sixth-grader or a seventh-grader who has this new Chromebook, and they need to help them," said Brehm-Heeger. We want to make sure that that transition is as smooth as it can be for them."

Brehm-Heeger says only about a dozen out of 60 computers will be used at a time, to make sure that everyone stays safe.

"We'll have PPE and mask-wearing, and hand sanitizing and keeping that distance here is essential just like everywhere else," said Brehm-Heeger.

She says she believes this will be a beneficial program for many in the area in more ways than one.

"We are reaching out to a couple of our local schools and service areas as well because we know there's kids whose situation at home may be a little bit tougher for remote learning. We do have a particular focus on [older] kids who can walk here and then walk home, take a short bus ride, and then come here again," said Brehm-Heeger.

Families are urged to sign up in advance before slots get filled up. Call the library at (513) 369-6900 for more information.

Brehm-Heeger also says they will be trying out new ideas, such as a student-only hour in the evening starting in Sept.

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