Covington Farmers Market fundraising to cover COVID-19 expenses

Annual Farm to Fork brunch helps pay for PPE as more people try farmers markets

Covington Farmers Market fundraising to cover COVID-19 expenses

COVINGTON, Ky. (FOX19) - A local farmers market has raised money to help with the costs of implementing COVID-19 safety measures.

Getting fresh produce is easy, but they say preparing it is the hard part.

“It’s a way we can come together around the food we are used to seeing every Saturday at the farmers’ market,” said Alexa Abner, manager of the Covington Farmers Market.

The annual “Farm to Fork Brunch” raises money for the Covington Farmers Market, but it also allows people to taste the food prepared by local farmers.

“We bring on an expert chef to prepare it in a way that most of us can’t do at home,” said Abner.

This fundraiser is different than years past, they say the money raised is mainly going toward the costs associated with COVID-19 and keeping people safe.

“Hand sanitizer, masks, caution tape,” Abner listed. “We actually are securing a perimeter this year where in years past it’s been free entry from any direction.”

Earl Hampton owns Hampton Ridge Farm in Glenco, Kentucky. He runs his storefront from the Covington Farmers Market.

“We travel up here to the Covington Farmers Market every weekend, the past three years and never missed a Saturday,” said Hampton.

Hampton says the pandemic is actually forcing people to try out a farmers market due to a lack of products at the grocery store.

He says he has noticed many people who seemed to have never been to a farmers market stopping by.

“Now they’re getting to try a farm-fresh egg or a good pasture-raised turkey or pasture-raised chicken or 100-percent grass-fed beef. So they’re seeing some things they’ve never seen before,” said Hampton.

“Northern Kentucky and the Ohio River Valley is so bio-diverse, and we have so many great producers who grow everything from mushrooms to vegetables to fresh fruits. We really are lucky to have such great farmers in this region.”

The Covington Farmers Market is every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on 3rd Street from Scott to Greenup. It goes on rain or shine.

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