More than 50 students at Lebanon schools now quarantined after newly reported COVID cases

More positive COVID-19 tests in Lebanon City Schools

WARREN COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Five students at Lebanon City Schools have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week, according to District Superintendent Todd Yohey.

Reports of the first and second tests emerged on Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. As of the second positive test, around 40 students were in quarantine following contact tracing protocols.

The number of students in quarantine is now at 52, according to Yohey.

The district has 5,554 total students, according to website Public School Review.

Yohey adds none of the students contracted the virus at the school and that the quarantined students are doing so from exposures both at the school and outside the school.

Speaking of the first two cases, Yohey told FOX19 NOW last week, “We learned from the health department today that testing facilities are supposed to inform people who get tested to isolate at home until they get their test results. We do not believe that happened in either of these cases. There simply cannot be a breakdown of this type of communication. It increases the risk to our students.”

Yohey offered no further information about the three additional cases.

Classes began at Lebanon City Schools Aug. 17. The district’s reopening plan includes both an in-person and virtual option.

Yohey says the district will continue in-person classes, having told parents prior to last Friday’s enrollment deadline “the only zero risk option was to enroll in option 2, the online option.”

Mike Young has two children in the district, one in elementary school, another in middle school. He says he received an email Sunday reporting two additional cases in the district’s middle school.

“With the uptick in the chance of this virus spreading like it is now, we’re a lot greater concerned than what we were,” Young said.

Young says he wanted to make the switch to virtual learning Monday, but the district told him he couldn’t. There are several other options the district provided, he says, including third-party remote learning that is off Lebanon’s curriculum.

“Super frustrating,” Young explained, “because you would think they would have a little bit more compassion.”

The district said the Friday deadline for parents to select their children’s learning options was made to the district could properly staff teachers.

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