Mother claims man tried luring her son into woods

Mother claims man tried luring her son into woods

WALTON, Ky. (FOX19) - A mother is concerned after she says a man tried to lure her child into the woods.

Christina McKinley has been keeping a close eye on her 3-year-old son these past few weeks.

On Aug. 10, McKinley said a man tried to lure him into the woods.

“We were in the back working in the yard and I saw a man lurking like he was standing in the back of the trees behind the house and I noticed him because he had a bright yellow plaid shirt on,” said McKinley.

McKinley said she immediately went to the front of the house with her son to get away from the man, but he moved in closer.

“I noticed my son walking off to the side of the house and I followed him,” recalled McKinley. “I’m like ‘where are you going’ and there’s this man an he’s like ‘come here, come here it’s okay.’ I said, ‘stranger danger’ and he went in the house.”

McKinley said she then went inside to call the Boone County Sheriff’s Office, but by the time deputies arrived the man was gone.

While sitting on her porch a few evenings later, she said the man came from behind her house again pleasuring himself.

McKinley caught part of her interaction with him on camera. She said he then started to ask her out while continuing to touch himself.

“He said he saw me walking around and I said ‘where’ and he said he was at my house. I confronted him and that’s when I started recording him, while he’s under his shorts just going at it,” said McKinley.

McKinley said she is still not sure what the man’s intentions were with her son, but now she’s worried for all the children in the neighborhood.

“There’s other kids in the neighborhood and there’s a school, Walton Verona, and the Walton park where kids reside and play and stuff so it’s scary,” she explained.

McKinley said she thinks the man lives nearby.

FOX19 Now did reach out to the Boone County Sherriff’s Office. They said that they are aware of the situation and it is currently under investigation.

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