Sister of NKY woman found dead in ’16 starts YouTube channel to shine spotlight on case

Sister of NKY woman found dead in ’16 starts YouTube channel to shine spotlight on case

FALMOUTH, Ky/ (FOX19) - More than four years after Tara Turner was mysteriously found dead in Kentucky, her sister is turning to technology to put the case back in the public eye.

Turner disappeared from Falmouth in January 2016. Twenty-eight days later, police said she was found dead along Snag Creek in Bracken County.

The coroner ruled her cause of death a drowning.

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Kentucky State Police have called Turner’s case a “death investigation,” but Turner’s family members call it murder.

“It’s now almost five years,” Jessica Turner-Rapier, Turner’s sister, said. “We still need answers.”

Turner’s loved ones describe her as a ball of fun and say she was the life of the party.

“My family, we think about Tara every day - her laugh, her smile, looking at her kids,” Jessica Turner Rapier said. “Every day, we’re reminded of Tara.”

Turner disappeared from Falmouth in January 2016.
Turner disappeared from Falmouth in January 2016. (Source: Turner Family)

Turner-Rapier said she believes she knows who is responsible for her sister’s death.

She has spent countless hours researching and digging into the case.

She even started a podcast and is writing a book about it, and now, she said she is creating her own video series on YouTube called “Something’s Wrong.”

“[The series is about] Tara’s story, everything that’s based around, even as far as the investigation, the theories that we’ve gotten from other people on what they think might have happened,” Turner-Rapier said.

For Turner-Rapier, her new YouTube series is another way for her to spread the word about Turner’s tragic death.

She said it is also a healthy way for her to try to heal her own heart.

“I feel like my voice needs to be heard because Tara’s voice should have been heard,” she said.

Turner-Rapier said she hopes her new channel will lead to important conversations and will help all of Turner’s loved ones find out the truth.

“We want answers, and we may never get them,” explained Turner-Rapier said. “We understand that, but that doesn’t mean that we’re gonna stop fighting because she wouldn’t have stopped fighting for one of us.”

Kentucky State Police said there are no new updates on the case, although detectives have been working it as recently as within the past week.

Anyone with information on Turner’s case should call KSP Post 6 at (859) 428-1212.

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