Schools required to report COVID-19 cases to parents, DeWine says

Gov. DeWine updates Ohio on COVID-19 response

COLUMBUS, Ohio (FOX19) - Schools will be required to create a way for parents to report if their kid(s) has COVID-19, Gov. Mike DeWine announced on Thursday.

This executive order will allow schools to inform the public on what is going on with cases within the school, the governor said.

Once a case is reported to the school, he said there will be several steps they need to take.

Within 48-hours of learning a student or staff member has COVID-19, the school will be required to report it to the local health department.

In that same time frame, Gov. DeWine said schools will have to inform parents or guardians of the positive case. He said this can be done via text, emails, or any form of written communication.

“Prompt reporting will help prevent potential further spread among students and staff,” said Gov. DeWine. “Knowing this information can help parents make informed decisions in regard to risks and exposure for their families.”

After the local health department has been informed of a positive COVID-19 case from a school, they will relay that data to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) weekly, the governor explained.

ODH will be posting this information every Wednesday on their website.

“But remember: just because there is a case at a school, it doesn’t mean the school has done anything wrong. The spread you in the community will be reflected in the schools,” Gov. DeWine explained.

The governor added that this order has not been written yet, but wanted to give schools prior notice.

Another announcement on Thursday came from Lt. Gov. Jon Husted regarding unemployment compensation.

Husted said FIMA accepted Ohio’s grant application for further assistance.

Those unemployed because of COVID-19 will receive an additional $300 per week, Lt. Gov. Husted said.

Gov. DeWine also announced Clermont County has dropped on the COVID-19 advisory map.

The county is now in the orange, which is the second-lowest risk category, according to the state’s data.

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