Memorial held for Brittany Stykes, pregnant mother killed 7 years ago

Vigil held for Brown Co. mother shot and killed seven years ago

BROWN COUNTY, In. (FOX19) - The family of a Tri-State woman found dead seven years ago held a vigil in her honor Friday.

Brittany Stykes, 22, was found dead inside a yellow Jeep along State Route 68 between Georgetown and Ripley in Brown County.

The young, pregnant mother had been fatally shot. Her unborn baby didn’t make it, but her daughter Aubree, now 8, survived after being shot in the head.

“This week is hard for me,” Stykes’s mother, Mary Dodson said. “It’s hard, and it doesn’t get any easier.”

Mary read from a poem Friday just before sundown at the location where Stykes was found. A memorial sits there presently, one that’s grown every year since the incident.

“She was full of life,” Mary said. “She loved children. She loved God. She loved her church. She loved her family.”

The case remains unsolved.

“It’s rough,” Stykes’s father, Dave Dodson said. “And not having the answers...”

Brown County Sheriff Gordon Ellis attended the vigil. He says his investigators are still working to figure out what happened.

“I want them to know we never forget and will never give up on investigating this case,” Ellis said. “There are people out there that know more about this case, and we would dearly like to talk to them.”

Dave agrees.

“I know someone out there knows. They know what happened,” he said.

Both the sheriff and Stykes’s family ask those people to come forward to give them peace.

“We need answers,” Mary said. “We need answers. We need to be able to tell Aubree someday exactly what happened.”

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