Man tried to lure Warren Co. teens into vehicle, victims tell police

Police searching for suspect accused of trying to lure teens into vehicle

FRANKLIN, Ohio (FOX19) - Franklin police are searching for a suspect a teenager says tried to lure her into his car.

Police tell FOX19 NOW the suspect was last seen on Fitzgerald Way in the Franklin Woods neighborhood on Monday.

Neighbors describe the area as quiet and safe. They say Fitzgerald Way usually has a decent amount of teenage foot traffic as kids walk to the high school.

That’s what was happening around 5:45 p.m. Monday. 911 tapes describe the encounter between a teenager and man in vehicle: “Young lady is 15 years old, and he said he was there to pick her up. She was actually walking to soccer practice,” said the unnamed caller.

The teenager described the suspect: “She said he looked like he was in his forties driving a black SUV,” said the caller.

This isn’t the only incident of a suspicious man on Fitzgerald Way.

Eight days prior, around 6:30 p.m. a parent called 911 about someone who had talked to his 15-year-old son: “Somebody in a silver Durango, believes what he was tellin’ me, that was trying to pick him up in the neighborhood behind the football field,” said the parent.

The suspect allegedly used a similar line to lure the teen in.

“He told my boy, he said, ‘Your mom told me to come pick you up, give you a ride,’” the parent said.

This teen described the suspect as well: “He said he was skinny male. Probably older than me. I’m 39, so I would say late thirties, early forties,” said the parent.

Kyle Hamilton lives on Fitzgerald Way and has two kids.

“It’s terrifying,” said Hamilton.

Even when the police locate the suspect: “We’re going to do what we always do. We keep a close eye on our kids,” said Hamilton.

Right now, Franklin police are going through the neighborhood trying to get doorbell camera video from houses that might show the suspect. They are also asking anybody with security cameras to look through their video to see if they got the suspect on tape.

They add they’re not sure if the two incidents are related even though the suspect fits a similar description.

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