Mayor Cranley requests $1M be allocated to help police, reduce violence

Mayor Cranley, CPD Chief Isaac discuss reducing violence

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Mayor John Cranley is asking for a portion of the millions of dollars received back from the state to be put towards helping police and reduce crime.

At Grant Park, the site of a mass shooting in July, the mayor said more resources are needed to support the Cincinnati Police Department.

To help CPD put a halt on the city’s gun violence, Cranley said he is asking for $1 million to be allocated towards enhancing police partnerships and reduce crime.

This money would come from more than $7 million Cincinnati previously received from the state, the mayor explained.

The $1 million would be dispersed through three areas:

  • $100,000 would be used for the U.S. Attorney position;
  • $200,000 would go towards community safety organizers (creating up to four positions); and
  • $700,000 used for additional police overtime and visibility.

The $200,000 for community safety organizers comes at the request of CPD Chief Eliot Isaac, who said this cannot be an effort exclusive to law enforcement.

“I have asked the mayor and the city manager to allocate funding to form a group of community safety organizers,” Chief Isaac explained. “We know that our citizens want to help, and they desire to be involved in changing what is taking place in our city.”

Chief Isaac went on to say the goal of this is to improve not only the safety within the neighborhoods but the quality of life for everyone.

Cincinnati mayor and police chief reveal million-dollar plan to curb gun violence

Before any changes can be made, the chief said they must first “stop the bleeding.”

“The long-term answer is investment in changing the social condition in our city,” Chief Isaac stated. “That’s the long-term answer. But right now, we have to stop the bleeding.”

Mayor Cranley closed the press conference by explaining the $1 million still won’t be enough.

“One million isn’t even close enough to deal with the level of gun violence we have, but it’s all we can afford,” the mayor stated.

Over-the-Rhine community Council President Maurice Wagoner his doubt about one part of the program.

“Illegal guns isn’t the issue,” he said, “it’s the murders that’s happening in our community It’s the shootings that happen. They are not all done by illegal guns, it’s guns period. So to have the prosecutors come down and target criminals or people with illegal guns, then it seems like it’s going to be some profiling trying to find ex-felons.”

Wagoner says police should work with community councils to understand the specific issues each neighborhood faces.

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