Fifth Third Bank shooting survivors meet with police officers who came to their rescue

5/3 Bank shooting survivors meet with officers who came to their rescue

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Several survivors of the 2018 Fifth Third Bank shooting in Downtown Cincinnati recently met with the police officers who came to their rescue.

Sunday marks the second anniversary of the shootings that left three dead and several others wounded.

Whitney Austin as among those shot at the bank two years ago. She suffered 12 gunshot wounds and survived. Now she’s devoted to finding common-sense, bipartisan approaches to reducing gun violence through her nonprofit.

“I went through my brain, all the things I could do to save myself, and they were all dead ends,” Austin said.

Officers found Austin lying in the lobby’s revolving door moments after they killed the gunman. Austin says at the time she had no idea they were there but now credits them for saving her life.

“It was like the cavalry came in, and I’m not giving up anymore. This man [Officer Alphonso Staples] is going to save me, and this situation is going to get better.”

Brian Sarver is also a survivor.

“Lying in my own blood, I’m like, ’God, you’ve got to help me here. I don’t not want to be a dad here.’ All these things going through my mind. How are they going to survive without me? I’m the main breadwinner,” Sarver said.

“My moment of humanity is just thinking about how you all ran into the danger as if, no questions asked,” Austin added.

Staples was the first one to reach Whitney.

“Every day is a day of thanksgiving,” he said. “Every day is a gift, and there’s a new blessing within every day.”

Austin added a special thank you to CPD officers Greg Toyeas and Jennifer Chilton as well as Staples.

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