Mason virtual class ’Zoom bombed’ with racial slur, district says

Mason City Schools District Superintendent Jonathan Cooper describes 'Zoom bombing'

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Mason City Schools reports several instances of ’Zoom bombing’ during virtual classes, with a racial slur being used in at least one of those instances.

“When we see an event like this happen, not only is it disappointing, it’s damaging, and it’s very concerning for us, because we are all about creating a safe and successful environment for our students and staff,” Superintendent Jonathan Cooper said in a video message.

(His discussion of the incidents begins at 4:25 in the video embedded above.)

Cooper did not describe the slur or the incident/s in detail, nor did he say whether the district knows whether a student was involved.

A district email to parents says MCS students who use racial slurs could face a suspension.

The district says it is providing support and follow-up to the instructor and students who were victims of the incident involving the slur.

It explains additional safety measures are being put in place to ensure students feel “emotionally and physically safe at school.”

  • All students will go to a waiting room prior to entering a class meeting and will need to use their MCS email account;
  • Students will not be permitted to change their screen name from their preferred name that is registered in HAC when entering a class meeting;
  • Any required passcodes to enter a Zoom meeting will only be shared with the student’s MCS email; and
  • Students may be asked to briefly turn on their video to authenticate and take attendance in meetings.

The district says the FBI is actively investigating similar incidents around the country.

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