Fairfield City Schools cancels homecoming parade

Fairfield City Schools cancels homecoming parade due to coronavirus

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - Fairfield City Schools has canceled this year’s homecoming parade because of COVID-19, the district announced Monday.

It’s difficult news for many students and parents, but also for members of the Fairfield community for whom the annual parade is a chance to come together.

Lisa Singer is a mother of two twins who just started their senior year at Fairfield High School.

“You could see the, I guess… the disappointment in their face,” Singer said of the moment she told them of the news. “But I think since last year to now, they’re kind of like, ‘Ok, what else are they going to let us not do?’”

Mary Saurber, 91, lives along the parade route. She’s watch it from her front porch for decades.

Asked how much joy the parade brings her, Saurber replied, “(I) wish I was out there with them.

“I’ll miss it,” she continued. “I’ll miss it.”

Saurber understands why the district is pulling the plug.

“There’s so many kids, we don’t want them to get that,” she said. “We don’t want them to get sick.”

Still, she thinks there’s room for a compromise where the district wouldn’t have had to cancel the entire event.

“Parade route is a pretty long route,” she said. “You can social distance. People can sit on their porches from a distance. I think it can be done.”

Another parent tells FOX19 NOW she’s concerned the district will cancel the homecoming dance as well.

A district release sent to parents says they will come up with are ways for kids to participate in the homecoming tradition, but so far they haven’t said what described will be.

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