Man gets chance to thank first responders after two near-death experiences in same day

Man gets chance to thank first responders after two near-death experiences in same day

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A Tri-State man was given a second chance at life after he nearly died twice in one day.

Mark Wiley was able to say thank you to the men and women who saved him more than a month ago.

It was a normal Sunday for the Wiley family on July 26, until around 8:30 a.m. when Mark collapsed of all a sudden.

“He collapses in our bedroom like, out. You know his eyes are rolling in the back of his head and he’s kind of gurgling,” explained Tatia.

Mark was going into cardiac arrest.

“I was like, ‘it’s not going to happen today,’ I was a little like, ‘not today God, not today please no,’” said Tatia Wiley, Mark’s wife.

Tatia ran downstairs and called 911.

Through the phone, a dispatcher walked her through the steps of starting CPR.

“We just continued to do compressions until the first responders got there," said Hamilton County Communications Director Angie Baer. "She did an excellent job. I just kept reminding her that she was doing a great job. Help was on the way and I think that’s what helped keep her calm.”

“She was my rock and I was telling her earlier it was really doing the CPR," said Tatia. "I was just the physical body doing the motions. She was telling me to do because if it weren’t for her, I couldn’t have done it.”

Every second counting for Mark to have a second chance at life.

“Early CPR is instrumental in getting a good outcome in situations like this,” said firefighter Justin Moody.

Once Mark got to the hospital, he slipped into cardiac arrest a second time.

“It’s just been a life-changing experience for me," said Mark. "If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be alive right now.”

An emotionally draining day that was overturned by everyone working together.

The work on that July 26 day is why the first responders were given their flowers on Wednesday.

“It’s a pretty good feeling,” said Moody. “I mean, in this job most of the time it doesn’t go that way so, it’s good to see one go our way.”

As for Mark and Tatia, they are closer now than ever before.

“Oh, I love her even more. So, I don’t want to be without her," said Mark. "She’s not too far from my side right now, I can’t go anywhere in the house without her calling me.”

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