Louisville man paralyzed from gun violence calling on community to protect the youth

Hall wants to stop the violence in Louisville's streets.
Hall wants to stop the violence in Louisville's streets.(WAVE)
Updated: Sep. 14, 2020 at 7:37 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Men and women of West Louisville joined at Shawnee Park to speak on the increase of gun violence in Louisville.

During the event called Real Men Steppin Out Against Violence, guest speakers encouraged young men to get out of the streets.

One speaker, Kaelin Hall, spoke about his experiences of gun violence.

“I was shot in a night club,” Hall explained. “Four months later, I was shot in my neighborhood in the Chickasaw area.”Those shootings in 2016 left him paralyzed to this day, and a year later his mother died."

“She couldn’t even help me put on a sock without crying.“Hall said. “She could’ve died from a broken heart.”

“I know obviously my mother had other trauma and other things going on with her,” Hall said. “But I think I was the tip of the iceberg."

Now he’s doing what he can to prevent other mothers from seeing their child in the same situation, or worse.

”The two last night, it bothers me because where it happened,” Hall added. “It happened in front of that man’s mothers I can only imagine what she’s going through."

During the event, Hall talked about his friend Lamontez Porter, one of the two victims shot Saturday in the Chickasaw neighborhood.

”It really bothers me but I really don’t know how to feel at this moment, because it’s been so many,” Hall said.

The other victim, DeMichael Jackson, is still in critical condition.

“I’ve actually had him do a talk to the kids for me,” Hall explained. “And I really believe in him, he’s a great guy, great kid, you know he just became a product of his environment,”

Hall said he wants to get West Louisville children out of the streets, and he said he can only do that with the help of his community.

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