Police investigating after shooting outside of wedding in OTR

Police investigating after shooting outside of wedding in OTR

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Police are investigating a shooting that happened Sunday outside of a wedding in Over-the-Rhine.

More than a dozen people were leaving a wedding at Rhinegeist when gunshots were fired in the street, according to police.

One person, who lives in the area, said they heard around 50 gunshots in a span of a few seconds.

“It sounded like fireworks going off and there was probably almost 50 shots fired off in a course of five seconds," recalled Daniel Bascone. "I just hit the ground and rolled underneath my bed and called 911 immediately.”

Two victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

One person was shot in the arm while the other was hit with a glass bottle, according to police.

“There was just bullet casings everywhere. I think like 42 bullet casings or something extreme," said Michael Basch. "Cars were all shot up.”

One of those cars belonged to Jacqueline Kitzmiller.

Kitzmiller said when she walked outside on Monday, she found blood on her car.

“It’s always awful to hear people got hurt and there’s violence and just hope everybody’s okay,” said Kitzmiller, who lives nearby.

“It’s a complex topic, but it’s just crazy to think people are just shooting off 50 shots right in front of a pretty well-known business in Cincinnati,” said Basch.

Neighbors say, unfortunately, this isn’t the first shooting in this area.

“I’ve lived out here for eight years now in Northern OTR. In the last three months, this is probably the third shooting I’ve been directly involved in,” said Bascone.

This a concerning trend for Bascone, who says he is fearful for the future of OTR.

“It’s concerning because it seems like more violence is kind of spilling out in areas where it normally stays,” said Basch.

Police were given surveillance footage from community members in the neighborhood and are investigating the shooting.

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