Police investigate after anonymous letter claims $45K missing from youth football league

Police investigate after anonymous letter claims $45K missing from youth football league

LOCKLAND, Ohio (FOX19) - Police are investigating after someone claims around $45,000 is missing from the Reading-Lockland Youth Football account.

Someone wrote in an anonymous letter sent to FOX19 Now, during the organization’s board meeting the new treasurer claimed a lot of money was missing due to unlawful transactions.

Now, Lockland Police Chief James Toles says they are interviewing those who could be involved or might have information on this disheartening act.

“Currently, we are investigating this situation," explained Toles. "We have several interviews lined up with people, and at this time we’re trying to figure out the debacle that’s going on with the account, who had access, who didn’t have access, people who resigned, people who are current.”

In the letter, someone claims some money was used in Las Vegas as well as withdrawals of thousands of dollars.

“In the letter, there was people that wrote that there was money used in Vegas; there was withdrawals of a thousand dollars; there was money that was used at one of the local restaurant bars here in Reading," Toles said. "We at this point have not gotten bank records or statements so we can’t actually go through any of that.”

The former treasurer of the league, who has not been charged, did quit about a week ago, according to police.

The former treasurer’s attorney did send the following message to FOX19 Now:

“[Client] is fully cooperating with the authorities in this matter. We cannot comment on the facts of a pending criminal investigation.”

The letter sent to FOX19 Now claims only $700 remains in the account and coaches are scrambling to figure how they can afford to play this season.

Chief Toles said the type of person that would do this to young kids would have to be a “sick” individual.

“A person that is sick, an individual who doesn’t mind thinking of the young children who are coming out here to play sports to keep themselves occupied and in a function that keeps them out of trouble,” Chief Toles explained.

Police say right now it is too soon to know if someone took the money or if it was mismanaged.

It could take several weeks to find the answer, police say.

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