Gov. Mike DeWine announces new program to help Ohioans find jobs

Gov. Mike DeWine gives update on state’s coronavirus response

COLUMBUS, Ohio (FOX19) - Gov. Mike DeWine announced a new initiative to help Ohioans who are looking for a job have a better chance of finding that job.

The new program, Ohio To Work, led by JobsOhio, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services and Ohio Development brings together employers, nonprofits, educators and training providers to help residents reskill and restart their careers.

“Ohio To Work will help someone who is out of work to identify a new career opportunity, train for it, and then be placed with an employer,” he said. “We know it can be a challenge to find a job right now, but we also know employers are hiring in industries like healthcare, technology, and advanced manufacturing.”

The first initiative will be launched in Cleveland/Cuyahoga County with the hope to expand to more areas of the state.

More than 30 employers have signed on with the initiative.

DeWine spoke to Ohio Department of Aging Director Ursel McElroy to talk about testing at nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“We continue to build our capability to have rapid and widespread testing available," she said.

McElroy said they paused the saliva baseline testing because of irregularities reported, but says they expect to restart the program this week.

She said she is working with the state on plans involving indoor visits. Outdoor visits began on July 20.

Last week, DeWine asked Ohioans to get a flu shot as soon as possible.

“Twindemic,” you’re going to hear this phrase more in the coming weeks.

It’s the current coronavirus pandemic, clashing with the flu season and it’s a scenario that doctors fear could occur in the latter half of the year.

But getting a flu shot early, could minimize those chances.

Dr. Claudia Hoyen, with University Hospitals, says while symptoms of the flu and COVID-19 are similar, both are very different. Dr. Hoyen says, “They are two distinctly separate viruses. When you get the flu shot, you will develop antibodies to the influenza virus.”

“If you were to get COVID-19 on top of it, there’s a chance you would probably be sicker with one or the other,” she added.

According to the Ohio Department of Health there are 139,485 coronavirus cases and 4,506 deaths.

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