West End resident fed up with crime applauds creation of task force

West End resident fed up with crime applauds creation of task force

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Neighbors are sharing their reactions after the news that a West End Task Force is being formed.

Wendall Walker says crimes are being committed in his neighborhood all day, every day and he is fed up.

“As you look close up here, you can see just evidence of stray bullets that hit the house,” points out Wendall Walker, a West End resident.

Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac says the department is aware of the problem.

“I know there’s a lot of work that needs to take place in the West End,” the chief explained. “It’s a community that we recognize that has recently been under challenges.”

Two people were shot and killed near Livingston and Linn Streets within the last two weeks.

With young kids living nearby, their health is at risk, Walker says.

“This is the stuff that these children have to deal with," Walker stated. "There are children that are playing in all this filth.”

Council Member David Mann’s West End Task Force proposal includes Cincinnati police taking a central role backed up by traffic engineers, building code officials, and input from the community.

Chief Isaac said his department has the backing of City Hall.

“Which is very different than other cities and I believe that that is going to make the difference here in Cincinnati,” Chief Isaac says.

Walker says he just wants his neighborhood to be a better and safer place to live.

He even wrote a letter to city leaders complaining about the crime.

“I told them if they don’t get down here, I’m going to pick up this trash and take it down to the Mayor’s Office," Walker explained. "I might get arrested and dump it there. That’s pretty drastic Wendell. You come here and deal with what we’re dealing with on a daily basis. I don’t think that’s drastic at all. That will get the Mayor down here to resolve this issue. It would be worth getting arrested for.”

Council Member Mann says the West End Task Force will get the approval of City Council this week and work will begin work on it right away.

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