Family bonds run deep in Massie Township Fire Department

Family bonds run deep in Massie Twp. Fire Department

MASSIE TOWNSHIP, Ohio (FOX19) - Three members from the same household are bringing a little girl power to the Massie Township Fire Department.

It’s not uncommon to hear first responders at the firehouse call their co-workers their brothers or sisters.

But, for Sophie and Shelby Rose that sister title has rung true their entire lives.

And the family ties through this firehouse goes beyond sisterly love.

The two sisters are cadets at the same department their mother, Vicki Coy, works EMS for.

“They’ve been in five or six different events with us and just being able to look over them and see their face and see the smiles and know that they’ve actually had an influence on the community is pretty cool,” explained Coy.

This family affair extinguishes some industry stereotypes.

A study from Ohio State in 2017 says just 35% of people getting EMS certified were women.

A 2018 report says just 4% of the firefighters in the country are female.

“Women are put out to not do something like this as men should,” Sophie said. "I think that women are capable of doing what men can do.

Both point to their mother as proof of that as they explore what it means to be a first responder.

“I think it’s really cool that she gets to help people and bring what she has learned home with her,” Shelby says.

Of the 29 serving at the Massie Township Fire Department, 11 are female.

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