’That’s not like Amber:’ Family of Middletown woman missing since ’16 pushing for answers

’That’s not like Amber:’ Family of Middletown woman missing since ’16 pushing for answers

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - Four years after a Middletown woman disappeared, her family members are desperate to know where she is and what happened.

Amber Flack disappeared on Sept. 1, 2016. Relatives said her boyfriend was the last person to see her before she vanished.

“He said that she decided to take a walk, and that was the last time they’d seen her," Shawn Pergram, Flack’s brother, said. “Now, I had seen her the day before. I took her 10 bucks myself. We hung out for a little bit. I let her out of my vehicle. I said ‘sis I love you. I’ll see you later.’”

Those closest to Amber say she battled addiction, and at times was involved in prostitution. However, no matter what, they said Amber called her father, Raymond Flack, every day.

After she vanished, she stopped calling him.

That’s when her loved ones say they knew something was wrong.

“We haven’t heard anything from her, and that’s not like Amber," Pergram said.

The leads in Amber’s case have been few and far between, according to Pergram. He said investigators have searched for Flack in Kentucky.

He also said that even four years later, rumors about his sister’s case never seem to stop.

“Some detectives did go down there [Kentucky] and do some digging. Unfortunately, there were to leads to that," Pergram said. “One of the things I was told that she was being in a human trafficking ring, and she was in a basement and was being drugged every day.”

For Raymond and Pergram, it is hard to have faith that Amber is still alive, but they both said they will not rest until they find her.

“You always hope, but to actually believe it, it’s getting pretty difficult," Raymond said. “Tragic... it’s just uh, not knowing what’s happened to her or where she’s at, no closure in this at all.”

Brandy English, a friend of Amber’s, is also currently missing. Her relatives said she disappeared a few months before Amber in 2016. Middletown Police have said the two cases could be connected.

Police have not given an update on Amber’s case.

Anything with information is asked to call Middletown Police at 513-425-7700.

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