Fort Thomas woman’s COVID-19 project now benefiting students

Fort Thomas woman’s COVID-19 project now benefiting students

FORT THOMAS, Ky. (FOX19) - What started as an opportunity to help her husband and his coworkers is now helping students.

Debbie Luckett began making masks months ago so she could give them to her husband, who works in healthcare, and his coworkers.

After selling some of the masks, she quickly realized that soon, kids would be returning to the classroom and they would need masks.

Now, she is donating masks to Fort Thomas Schools.

“I still had tons of fabric leftover from this project that I started,” explains Luckett. “So, I just kept making them and knew that some school would need them. So, I approached Fort Thomas and they were more than happy.”

Luckett dusted off her old sewing machine back in April and hasn’t stopped sewing masks since then.

“I hadn’t had my machine out in 15-years and I thought ‘I better get it out,’” said Luckett. “I just feel guilty, I know I can make these.”

Luckett’s husband works in a COVID-19 unit and she saw firsthand the need for the reusable face coverings.

After Luckett gave the masks to healthcare workers, people started buying them from her.

She used that money to buy more fabric and supplies.

Fort Thomas Schools provide masks for students, but Luckett knew kids would enjoy fun designs too.

Luckett has made all sorts of masks using elastic over the ears, drawstrings, and fabric ties.

She’s found a groove with her current design and says she can typically make one every seven minutes after the fabric is cut out.

This week she hit a major milestone before donating hundreds of masks to the schools.

“1,001 [masks] I hit this week," she said. "It was kind of my goal, but when I was at 300, I didn’t think I would make it there.”

Luckett says she’s going to start making Christmas masks next.

If you would like to order a mask or simply donate so Luckett can make more masks, you can contact her here:

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