23-foot sculpture being built for downtown Hamilton

Artists build 23-foot sculpture to go in downtown Hamilton

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) - An over 23-foot sculpture is going to be erected in downtown Hamilton.

This is the sculpture being created in Arkansas by artist Hunter Brown.

The sculpture is called Embrace.

'Embrace’ is 16 feet wide and rises 12 feet above the truck bed it is currently being built on.

Brown explains how he created the sculpture, “These forms kind of wind around on another and then kind of interlock at the top.”

The piece was paid for by donations through the Hamilton non-profit City of Sculpture.

The organization says it will go at the intersection of Main, Milville and Eaton.

Brown says the sculpture is meant to embody, “Working together as a community you have these different forms kind of interacting and locking together in like a chain to make this strong overall beautiful piece.”

Brown says the piece of art holds more significance because of current events in the country.

“Right now we need it more than ever; just this idea of coming together as one and unifying instead of dividing. That’s really what, it is more significant now than it probably was when we first designed it,” said Brown.

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