Hoxworth Blood Center asking for plasma donations to help those with COVID-19

Hoxworth Blood Center asking for plasma donations to help those with COVID-19

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - One bag of plasma can help two to three people who have a severe COVID-19 case, according to the director of the Hoxworth Blood Center.

“The plasma contains neutralizing antibodies, so these are antibodies produced by the people, who had contact with the disease, and they got cured," explained Director Jose Cancelas. "So, these antibodies are able to find the virus and destroy it.”

Right now, Cancelas says plasma is like liquid gold for those fighting COVID-19.

“In the absence of vaccines, this is the best we can do. It’s called passive immunity,” Cancelas explained.

Among those donating plasma at Hoxworth Blood Center on Tuesday was Councilwoman Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney.

“You hear about people that it helps and that’s what I’m hoping for and then, of course, hoping for the vaccine,” she said.

Around mid-August, the councilwoman says she started not feeling well.

“I just felt terrible and I just got worse and worse all day, and by that evening I had a fever of 102.6, but then it was gone before I went to bed," she explained. "So, when I woke up the next day, I was like you know I should get tested.”

Despite only feeling sick for one day, she said COVID-19 symptom lingered.

She says she couldn’t smell anything.

“You know everything you touched in the house you had to wash with bleach, and I couldn’t smell it, so I was like okay that’s a sign,” the councilwoman said.

Luckily, she says her husband, kids, and intern all tested negative for COVID-19.

Now she is joining others who have the virus and recovered to donate plasma.

The director at Hoxworth Blood Center says you can donate plasma once a week for up to four weeks and every 28 days after as long as you have the antibodies.

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