10 years gone: Paige Johnson’s family approaches somber milestone

Paige Johnson's family remembers her 10 years later

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Paige Johnson will have vanished a decade ago Wednesday, and as her family copes with the somber nature of that milestone, they continue to struggle with the fundamental question of what happened that night in September of 2010.

“Tomorrow marks ten years that my daughter has been gone,” Donna Johnson, Paige’s mother, told FOX19 NOW Tuesday. “I just miss her, and all this that’s happened is just like living in hell, like I’m always in a nightmare.”

Time, Donna says, has not made things easier.

“There has not been a single day that’s gone by that I don’t think about her, that I don’t cry for her, that I don’t miss her,” she said. “I miss her all the time.”

Paige’s remains were found in Clermont County in March. Jacob Bumpass, a man the family has always suspected in the case, was indicted in July in connection with her disappearance and death.

According to police, Bumpass was the last person to see Johnson alive after he says he dropped her off in Covington, though prosecutors say evidence places Bumpass in Clermont County near where Paige’s remains were found.

Those remains still have not made their way to the family because the criminal investigation is ongoing, police say. Paige’s family says they don’t even know if any personal items were found with them. They’ll have to attend Bumpass’s trial in person to get the facts.

“It’s been a lot of emotion, a lot of trauma, a lot of grief for all of us,” Brittany Johnson, Paige’s sister, said. “I know for me the most important thing is just knowing. If he would just be honest with us and tell us what happened to her that night, that would do so much not just for me but for my entire family."

Wednesday the family will gather with friends in Devou Park, where several years ago a tree was planted in Paige’s honor.

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