Death penalty upheld for man convicted of killing woman, teen in ’14

Death penalty upheld for man convicted of killing woman, teen in ’14
Terry Froman with one of 138 people currently on death row in Ohio. (Source: Ohio Supreme Court)

WARREN CO., Ohio (FOX19) - The death penalty will go forward for a Kentucky convicted of killing a woman and her teenage after being evaluated by a psychologist.

On Thursday, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled Terry Froman’s death penalty sentence was appropriate for his two counts of aggravated murder and kidnapping charges, according to the court.

Back in Sept. 2014, Froman kidnapped and killed his estranged girlfriend, Kimberly Thomas, on I-75 in Warren County.

In the early morning hours of Sept. 12, 2014, Thomas' neighbor stated they were woken up by the sound of gunshots.

A few hours later that morning, the court says a 911 call was made to report a woman being abducted at a gas station in Paducah, Kentucky.

Video from the gas station showed a naked Thomas trying to run away from Froman’s vehicle, but she was grabbed by the hair and pushed back inside the SUV.

Police started searching for Froman and even contacted Thomas’s employer.

Her coworkers went to her home where they found Thomas' 17-year-old son, Michael Mahoney, dead inside.

The court said Mahoney had gunshot wounds to the back of his head and other parts of his body.

Police contacted Froman’s cell phone provider and they were able to ping his phone’s location.

The cell phone towers showed Froman, who still had Thomas inside his SUV, was heading towards Ohio.

Froman’s SUV was seen and pulled over by Ohio State Highway Patrol around 1 p.m.

Gunshots were heard coming from the SUV as troopers approached the vehicle, according to the court.

Froman was found with a gun in his hand and gunshot wound to his chest.

Thomas, who had been shot four times, was found dead in the backseat of the SUV, the court said.

Kim Thomas and Michael Mohney. (Source: KFVS)
Kim Thomas and Michael Mohney. (Source: KFVS)

Froman was charged with two counts of aggravated murder and one count of kidnapping.

He pleaded not guilty, but a jury found him guilty on all charges.

Froman was given the death sentence and a 17-year prison sentence for the other offenses.

Froman would eventually appeal his sentence. Meaning the Supreme Court would be required to review his case since the death penalty was imposed.

Citing a 2004 case, Froman’s appeal stated the Warren County court did not have the jurisdiction to impose the death penalty because Mahoney was killed in Kentucky, the court says.

“Because the teen was murdered in Kentucky, the state could not prove a course of conduct in Ohio that allowed an Ohio court to consider the death penalty, he argued,” the court stated.

But, the 2004 case Froman based his appeal off had been amended so Ohio courts could consider multi-state murders, according to the Supreme Court.

Froman was seen and evaluated by a psychologist.

The psychologist determined Froman was in the low-average IQ rand and even suffers from major depression, according to the court.

However, the psychologist’s opinion the court says was that Froman’s IQ was not low enough to eliminate him from the death penalty and his depression was not a severe mental disorder.

The court has not determined a date for when Froman will be put to death.

There are 138 people on death row in Ohio at this time.

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