Black organizations march through downtown Cincinnati with a message of change

Multiple Black organizations held march through downtown Saturday

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Black organizations in the Tri-State marched from Government Square to the Freedom Center in downtown Cincinnati Saturday afternoon.

The leaders of Operation Change Cincy, who organized the march, say the event was meant to bring the community together to bring about reform.

“We are trying to bring community together we want to see change in this county we want to see change in this city and we feel like in order to do that we need to know who our neighbors are,” Operation Change Cincy Executive Director Chazidy Bowman said.

Bowman says some of the changes they want to see are more programming in communities, to get rid of the gun range in Lincoln Heights and to, “turn over the courthouse.”

“I want people to understand that this is your community you don’t work for the government the government works for us and it’s time for us as people to begin to implore that,” Bowman said.

Freedom Walk also helped organize the march.

It’s a political party created and founded for Black people, according to the organization’s executive director Reverand Raymond Greene, Jr.

“We have come to understand that neither party understands black issues until its election time and we need a place for Black people to come and develop our own political ideology and develop our campaign that’s near and dear to our heart,” Greene said.

He says Freedom Walk is engaged in leadership development and political education and, “overall Black issues that will allow us to develop candidates that care about the Black community.”

“Everything starts local and we have been taught from school all the way until now to vote for presidents there’s no focus on local elected officials where most of our ills come from healthcare is a state issue minimum wage is a state issue education is a local issue most of our issues are local issues that could be affected inside our community," Greene said.

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