Moms get creative making masks for Mason teachers

Mason moms donate masks to teachers in need

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - A retiree and a few moms are teaming up to fill a need for renewable masks in Mason classrooms.

Cecilia Allard, the retiree, jumped at the opportunity to make the masks.

“Up to now we’ve donated over 125 masks,” Jean Knuth said. “Fifty teachers have benefitted from this, and we’ve collected almost $800 in donations.”

The masks are learning-themed to keep the kids engaged in the classroom.

Teachers who have gotten the masks got to meet Allard for the first time Tuesday to thank her.

“I’m changing my masks frequently,” Second-grade teacher Christy Moreland said. “So to be able to have several different masks to wear is really handy and helpful.”

Third-grade teacher Barbara Morotta says the donated masks take the pressure off her.

“At the end of the week I can wash all my masks and have them ready for Monday and not have to do wash every single night,” Morotta said.

Morotta adds they also have an impact on learning.

“I think it does lighten the mood a little bit, and I think it just makes it a happier place if you have on masks for the kids to notice,” she said.

Hearing how her masks make an impact brought Allard some joy.

“It made me almost tear up, because all I do all day is sew these,” she said. “I don’t really get to see the impact it has.”

“To know that there are people behind me willing to step in and fill in the gaps and help us out, it means the world to us,” Moreland added.

The group making the masks is still collecting donations. You can do so here.

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