Miami Univ. releases plan to identify COVID-19 outbreaks within dorms

Miami Univ. releases plan to identify COVID-19 outbreaks within dorms

OXFORD, Ohio (FOX19) - Miami University is implementing a color-coded system to identify COVID-19 outbreaks within dorms.

This decision was made after the school said they saw infections in the residence halls.

The system, which is like the one Ohio uses for its counties, will use four levels to determine how prevalent the virus within a dorm.

Here is how the color-coded system breaks down:

  • Level 1: Yellow - There are no known positive cases in your residence hall in the last seven days. Please exercise caution to avoid bringing the infection back to your hall.
  • Level 2: Orange - There has been one or more known positive case(s) in your residence hall within the last seven days. Follow public health guidelines to avoid becoming infected or unknowingly infecting others.
  • Level 3: Red - There have been several cases in your residence hall within the last 7 days. You are at a significant risk of becoming infected and must take aggressive action in limiting visitors and time spent with others outside of your roommate, practicing physical distancing, washing hands often, and wearing face coverings always, indoors and out.
  • Level 4: Purple - There is a COVID-19 outbreak on at least one floor of your residence hall and those living in the identified residential zone (e.g. residence hall floor, corridor, wing, or building) are at very high risk for becoming infected. Miami will implement a Remain-in-Room plan designed to stop the spread of the infection for each residential zone at this level.
  • Quarantine - If the Remain-in-Room Plan is not effective in controlling COVID-19 transmission, a mandatory quarantine of the entire floor or residence hall, depending on the spread of the infection, will be put in place.

Students living in a dorm on a floor that is in level four will be placed under the Remain-in-Room Plan.

Currently, three dorms are listed as being level four: Havinghurst, Clawson and McBride.

According to the campus dashboard, there have been 1,547 positive cases in students with and estimated 1,340 recovered.

During residence hall move-in testing, 3,601 tests were given with 29 being positive.

Those under that plan cannot leave their dorm room unless for essential matters (e.g. bathroom, emergencies, contactless food delivery, breaks to spend time outside by yourself or with your roommate while wearing a face covering and practicing physical distancing), according to the school.

The Butler County General Health District is ready to “escalate” from this plan to a full quarantine if it becomes needed, according to the school.

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